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Your leadership paced your company to the 7 Figure Milestone. 

Now it’s time to understand the impact of influencers, knowledge and your network.  

Often, the road to greater success includes distractions, detours and drama.  As you evolve in your leadership role you may experience that the view from the top is lonely.  Yes, peer groups can support you with feedback.  Industry associations keep you up to date on tactics, tools and techniques.

You are in your strength when you are ‘getting things done’, but staying in that zone, that flow, with that intensity toward achieving all at all costs… can acutally be an achilles heel. Working from logic, fueled by adreniline, and focused only on outcomes creates an undercurrent you may not be aware of … yet.

Leaders who are rising to the top, or are in need of holding onto their position and stay at the top of their game, will encounter setbacks along the way. Money alone doesn’t fix everything.  

There comes a time when you find yourself behind closed doors, with thoughts, concerns, worries and emotions that keep you up at night. These are the ones that you are not always confident sharing as you think ‘no one will relate’.   In that moment, you think you are alone.  Truth is: you’re not.   How do I know?

I’ve lived through this space during my own leadership and business development journey, and I continue to lead leaders to new levels of goal achievement.  This 
program is specifically developed for get it done leaders who seek innovative, powerful, and unique insights and perspectives that help you shorten your learning 
curve to get back on track to your next level of success. 

The TRC 10.10.10. Leadership Rejuvenation Program will support, lead, and help you gain strength in areas of your knowledge, network and influencers that are needed to get back on track, step up to the helm once again with confidence. Taking your company to a whole new level while mastering the art of internal trailblazing from a holistic perspective.

This program is based on the first hand experience and knowledge of the lead trainer, Debbra Sweet.


N.Y.T. Best Selling Author & Award-Winning Leadership Performance Coach, Debbra Sweet said flying head first into a concrete wall at age 18 & the 30-year fight to overcome health disruptions from an undetected Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, fueled her come back. 

Trailblazing innovative solutions she increases: leadership skills, sales, effective marketing & communication, team collaboration & goal achievement.


Leaders need leaders too, especially when life impacts growth. 

Visionary, Debbra Sweet pivots businesses lead by stagnant silos, into aligned, profit producing, purposeful teams on track for ROI.

Her powerful cutting edge insights of: brain rebuilding, sabotaging patterns, neuroscience, overlaid with proven business growth strategies catapults prosperity, shortens learning curves, removes overwhelm, breaking status quo thinking that flatlines companies & projects.

The 10.10. Leadership program is substantive, engaging, trains & teaches leaders How to Rebound. Rejuvenate. Recover. Renew. Overcome Obstacles & Be Strong.

Exclusive LIMITED AVAILABILITY Coaching program

To maximize value for each client by giving them the focused attention they need, we’ve limiting our coaching program to a maximum of 10 clients.

If you qualify to be one of people accepted, we will take you through a 10 Step Program designed to 10x your results at a pace you can handle.  Then we transition into a mastermind group for 10 months  wrap up with a Business Building Leadership Retreat to refresh, refocus, strategize and plan how you will execute your desires and initiatives to succeed next year.

Interested in knowing more now? Contact us and set up a complimentary strategy session today!

You’ll get info you can you use now to increase profits and learn about the 10.10.10 Program too!

Enrollments open soon.

Who this is for:

Businesses owners and entreprenuers who have been in operation more than 2 years, and are at a revenue level of 1M.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 10 Months, plus VIP Strategic Planning Retreat in Mo 11, Mo 12 rollout of your plan

Difficulty: Advanced

What You’re Gonna Get…

Details for this Exclusive 10.10.10 Premium Program coming soon.

“I’ve taken businesses from start up to IPO a few times. Recently, I contracted Debbra to work with the company I’m currently the CEO of. We had some very definitive and aggressive goals. And we had specific areas in our sales, marketing, culture and leadership that needed fine tuning.

In all my years, especially running companies with very large sales teams (sometimes 10k), I had never seen the benefit of bringing in a consultant like Debbra.

We found her online, and hired her to help us through needed change. The result: I wish I would have done this sooner. Best investement of our time and money.”

Bob Chiste, Texas

Benefits of the 10.10.10. Leadership Program

The TRC 10.10.10 Program provides you with high level, executive leadership support to navigate the course of your next level self.  

Concurrently, you will refine, design and architect the growth strategies needed to reach and retain your next stage of business development. 

Course Instructor

Debbra Sweet Debbra Sweet Author

Debbra Sweet is the founder of Thrive Right Consulting, and the creator of the TRC Online Programs. She has been teaching, training, coaching and consulting business leaders and visionary entrepreneurs for decades. Her passion to help shorten your learning curve with proven, been there, done that knowledge is easy to understand and apply right away.

How do we guarantee your satisfaction since every business and every leader’s situation is unique?  It starts by you showing up each week, and then participating in the training segments, doing the follow up Action Steps-and staying in communication with us along the way. When you engage and stay involved, we can support you to get you through the ‘tough spots’ that might show up for you.  If you enroll and pay for the full program, but do not participate live each week, you will still receive all the follow up training calls and Action Sheets.  If you prefer to “Do it on your own” you’ll have the tools to help you be the DIY business.   The 1:2:1 support is available to you during the active 10.10.10. modules, but once the module is over, access to 1:2:1 support (without an additional coaching/consulting fee) goes away.  The live support we provide each week makes it easy for you to succeed.  Once the program is completed, TRC offers ongoing 1:2:1 support and programs for you and your company.

The live weekly calls during the program allow for your individual needs to be supported – while you benefit from a mastermind style training, group sharing and accountability to keep you focused and on track for more success.

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10.10.10. Module 1: 10 Fold for Truth’s Sake

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10.10.10. Module 2 : The Power of 10

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10.10.10. Module 3: The Circle of 10 

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