GEAR UP! Your Business Growth for the Next 12 Months!


Have a desire to grow your company but not sure how to successfully move to the next level?

Need to maximize your time and increase your profits along the way?

Ready to take your knowledge, experiences and get a simple, practical, solid game plan on how to leverage that expertise so you attract and convert quality clients? 

Instead of spinning your wheels wondering what to do next, feeling overwhelmed looking at all the options  people tell you to do for ‘marketing’ while feeling concerned with ‘will it work……choose to GEAR UP! 

Engage in this 6 week program and come out with a solid, written 12 month growth plan. You will be on point, on plan and in the right gear to make smart decisions as you celebrate victories in business growth.

Here’s insider info few will tell you: 

There are 3 Common Problems Hindering Your Company Growth Today:

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Infrastructure

  • Outreach

The “GEAR UP!” Program helps remove the common problems hindering your growth. You will complete this course with a solid, simple, 12 month written growth plan designed to attract, convert and prepare you to scale up confidently. Without overwork. Without overwhelm.  

Many GEAR UP! students reap R.O.I. (return of investment) 25-50% or more in 90 days or less! 

“It’s Time to Stop Struggling and Wondering What is the most Effective Way to Grow Your Business. GEAR UP! will Get You On Track So You Can Start Helping More People and Profit from Your Expertise.”


 Have business goals that need clarity to short track your time and achieve profits?

→ Need easy, real world, practical steps to simplify business growth?

→ Want to attract, convert, retain more customers without typical headaches and hassles that cause businesses to stall out?

→ Ready to learn what ‘they’ won’t tell you every time you’re told ‘do this too’ for marketing?

→ ‘Tried everything’ for increasing sales only to get stuck in a rut and spin your wheels?

“GEAR UP!” delivers 5 substantial Key Success Factors designed to empower you as an entrepreneur and business leader on how to break through boundaries that prevent you from leveling up to the next stage of business.  


GEAR UP! training is filled with real talk. Been there, done that perspectives so you can learn quickly and apply today. 

Other trainers tell you what to do. This program teaches you the where, when, why, with whom- and the what so you can streamline your efforts and have the infracture you need to have a business sustain you. 

Week 1: It’s all About Clarity in Your Business Growth Vision

Week 2: Focus on your Systems.

Week 3: Time to talk Teams

Week 4: Discover how to put magic into your Marketing

Week 5: Simplify the process of Selling

Week 6: Wrap up Bonus week to finish finetuning your GEAR UP! Growth Plan

Meet the innovator of GEAR UP!

Most people who want to get better — at improving health, negotiating with clients, delivering presentations or any other field of endeavor — seek out new information.

They read a book, take a class, hire an expert tutor who’s achieved the goals they seek.

The GEAR UP! Program was DEVELOPED AND LED BY: DEBBRA SWEET, FOUNDER OF Thrive Right Consulting & Sweet Marketing Solutions

Debbra Sweet is a New York Times Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Leadership Performance Expert & Lifetime Visionary Entrepreneur, she’s started, renovated, scaled, & sold businesses over the last 30+ years.

She’s catapulted ROI in: marketing, sales, leadership development, maximizing capacity & culture for improved revenue metrics for her own companies and 1000’s of her clients who are ‘Get It Done’ pros. 

Clarify Your Growth vision

"Where there is no vision, people perish". That proverb rings true in business. Most business are not clear on where, what and why they are in business. We start here.
Without it, you will never achieve long term growth.

automate repeating tasks

Winging it in business is the fastest way to go out of business. When you are growing, duplication and replication are cornerstones. You'll discover how to create the systems that support you.


Beyond systems comes teams. People are always part of the equation for growth and long term success. People do business with people. Regardless of your business structure, you need people to be part of your team. You'll understand how to choose the right people to support your growth plan.

get your voice heard

Marketing. Marketing. Marketing. Yes. EVERY business needs this- and yes, most people are unclear on what effective marketing truly is. Once you understand that, you also need to know how to integrate it into your business operations.
GEAR UP! reveals marketing truths to get your voice heard.


Once you have marketing defined, now you have to sell. Yes: everyone needs to know how to sell. You need sales consistently. Without them, you will not be in business long. Knowing what to sll, to whom, where, when and why is key to making your sales easy and comfortable.

Launch your growth Plan

Finally, you have the parts mapped out for what needs to go in your 12 month growth plan. Now you need to bring it all together and use the plan! GEAR UP! graduates have special access for an accountability program designed to guide you at this stage too.

Our clients say

The GEAR UP! Program was a game changer for me. On many levels. First, it helped me really have a significant shift in what I wanted for me, from my business. This program gave me the structure and knowledge to go from living on foodstamps... to now being in charge of a division created just for me of a 10M dollar company scaling up to 100M!

Debbra told me that this would 'change my life'. She was right. I was skeptical on her words, but enrolled anyway. Worked the program. Worked with her privately in the V.I.P. options. This worked for me. I've seen her in action many times over. It will work for you too. Just do it."
Kellee Blair
Process Developer
"I went through the GEAR UP! Program a while ago and it really helped me take my ideas for how I wanted to start my business, and got me focused on how to make smart decisons on what and how I wanted to sell and promote my products. The time invested into this program saved me time and helped me make money quickly"
Mary carter vail
The Essential Goddess
"I'm really glad to be going through the GEAR UP! Program right now. I've been in business for a few years, have purchased a second company and the best part about the process Debbra developed in this program is the ability to work on my higher level strategy to grow the companies.

This is re-inforcing some of my ideas, but also helping me to understand WHY I need to do things.

I work with Debbra as a private coaching client, but wanted to go through this online program too. You get to work this program 'on my time' and you get deep knowledge from her weekly.

Everything I'm learning here is moving our growth plan for the year along quickly, but not in an overwhelming way. I'm looking forward to taking my new strategic growth plan and bringing it into our one to one time.

Adam Hammill
Alive Industries, LLC
"Debbra has a way of finding solutions to your problems and concerns really quickly. This program helps you gain time and money."
Tom sheltraw
CEO The Tradesmen Electric

Frequently asked questions

GEAR UP!  is a 6 week program and you can start today.   Learn on your time.   Upon check out you will receive access into your learning portal.   There you will find deep dive training videos, audio and your weekly action sheets.  All the training segments prepare you to answer simple yet powerful questions that wrap up in week 6 with your GEAR UP! Growth Plan. The total GEAR UP! program is a 6 week program. 

Time freedom is one of the most coveted goals our students seek.  With that, this program is designed to GEAR UP! your success at a pace you can handle.

Once inside the learning portal, the video training and audio supplemental training are about 45 – 55 minutes each.  

The action sheets provide written instruction and some questions to answer. That should take about 20-45 minutes each week. 

Most students who enroll in GEAR UP! 101  pace through out the week.  3- 5 hours a week is average.

Choose the VIP access- and you will also receive 1:2:1 private support during the program with your GEAR UP! Trainer.  Those 1:2:1 calls are weekly during the first 6 weeks of your GEAR UP! program. 

GEAR UP! was created for the entreprenuer on the go. 

The learning portal for each weeks deep dive lessons are available online 24/7 for you to work through at a time that fits your schedule. 

VIP students connect with your GEAR UP! Trainer via Zoom and can be coordinated around your travel schedule during the first 6 weeks of active enrollment. 

Students who choose GEAR UP! often have revenue of 2M and under.    If you have never put pen to paper to map out your business growth strategies, this is the program for you.  

Start ups: Perfect! 

Exisiting Businesses: Perfect! 

The key: You need to WANT growth, and be willing to commit to being involved in the program.

Time and money ‘excuses’ or ‘pains’ are very common for students who choose GEAR UP!  Meaning: you have time, not enough money.  You have money, but not enough time. You need time and money- because you are ‘too busy’ putting out fires in your business.    Do any of those sound like you? If so.. GEAR UP! is for you. 

The GEAR UP! 101  gives you time with Business Growth Strategist, Debbra Sweet 3-5 hours a week through the live training, videos, audio and written education inside the program. 

Want extra hand holding and accountability?  Enroll for the GEAR UP! V.I.P version.  This gives you additional time each one, one to one, no distractions, just you and lead trainer Debbra Sweet, focusing on your business and your GEAR UP! plan. 

Yes. As a student, you will have lifetime access into the GEAR UP!  learning management portal.   This gives you the opportunity to go back, listen and learn again, gain new persepctive through out the year to fine tune or adjust your growth plan.

After you have completed the GEAR UP! 101 program, if you would like to work directly with a VIP trainer,  contact us to coordinate. 

Have more questions? Contact Us

Course Information

Course Instructor

Debbra Sweet Debbra Sweet Author

Debbra Sweet is the founder of Thrive Right Consulting, and the creator of the TRC Online Programs. She has been teaching, training, coaching and consulting business leaders and visionary entrepreneurs for decades. Her passion to help shorten your learning curve with proven, been there, done that knowledge is easy to understand and apply right away.

GEAR UP! 101


GEAR UP! 101 delivers access to the full GEAR UP! 101 Program via the learning portal. live

Perfect for the Self Learner that enjoys the DIY option for working at your own pace with the lesson plans in the program.

This one time payment option offers an easy way to start learning how to GEAR UP! & Create your 12 Month Growth Plan.



The GEAR UP! V.I.P. option delivers access to the full interactive GEAR UP! Program, live weekly calls during the active course module.

It also includes 4 private 30 minute 1:2:1 consulting sessions with your private trainer.

This is perfect for the business leader who prefers higher level attention, some extra hand holding and feedback to navigate the finer details of building your GEAR UP! Business Growth plan.

GEAR UP! V.I.P Easy Pay

per month for 3 total payments

The GEAR UP! V.I.P. 3 pay option delivers the full interactive GEAR UP! V.I.P. Program, live weekly calls during the active course module.

Perfect for the leader who prefers higher level attention, some extra hand holding and feedback to navigate the finer details of building your GEAR UP! Business Growth Plan.

The 3 part easy pay option offers you easy entry and cash flow management during the program.