Maverick Marketing! Men’s 6 Week V.I.P. Leadership Brand Fusion™ Program

You Have 3 Seconds to Make an Impact with your Marketing & Branding .

Is your Current Brand Strategy Connecting You to Women With Purchasing Power &
Generating the ROI you want?

Unleash Your Inner Maverick: Shaping the New Frontier of Marketing for Men in Business who need to successfully market to women to get more clients and make money. 

They say history repeats itself, but not for mavericks. Mavericks are trailblazers. Mavericks are visionaries. Mavericks make history.

Take Samuel Augustus Maverick, an independent thinker who moved to Texas in the early 1800s. His unconventional approach to cattle ranching defied the traditions of the time. He refused to brand his cattle like the others. His rationale? If all the other cattle are branded, then those without a brand belonged to him. This defiance and determination to break from the norm gave us the term 'maverick,' symbolizing a free spirit that refuses to be shackled by the conventional.

Today, I'm calling on the mavericks in the world of business. I'm inviting you to join me on an untrodden path, a journey to redefine marketing.

Welcome to Maverick Marketing, a pioneering 6-week program designed to disrupt, transform, and uplift your business from the norm.

My name is Debbra Sweet , and I am the originator of Maverick Marketing, the CORE 4™ Process, the Gear UP! Program & the Innovator of the game changing Leadership Brand Fusion™ techniques.

Over the course of my career, I have seen countless businesses trapped in the quicksand of conventional marketing. They confuse logos for brands, tactical maneuvers for strategy, and quick fixes for sustainable growth. This is not how it should be. This is not how it needs to be. (Especially if you are marketing to the influential demographic of women with purchasing power)

The Maverick Marketing program is a wake-up call. It’s designed for men ready to align their businesses with a strategic, intentional approach rather than a ‘wing-it’ mentality. We focus on four core areas crucial to building a robust brand: Visually, Verbally, Values, and Vision.

By wrapping these pillars into your brand plan, you empower your business’ CORE 4™: Cash Flow, Onboarding, Retention, and Expansion.

Are you struggling with inefficiency, lack of ROI, and constant firefighting in your business? If you’re frustrated by marketing strategies that barely stick and the struggle to retain quality, loyal workers, the problem might lie in the absence of a robust, functional brand.

At Maverick Marketing, we’re not about starting over.  This is about strategically aligning. We’re about refinement, upleveling. We’re about building on what works. We want to help you lead by living a brand that is true, authentic, and perfectly aligned with you and your vision for business success.

Maverick Marketing is your ticket to Leadership Brand Fusion™. It’s about embracing a brand that goes beyond the superficial, one that’s imbued with your values, vision, and business ethos. With this, you’ll connect with clients who value your work, are willing to pay more, and do so more often.

This is not a promise of overnight success. It’s a promise of sustainable, strategic growth. Within 6 weeks you’ll have your Maverick Marketing Game Plan and within 90 days, you can experience the transformative power of effective, on-brand marketing.

Listen in to one of the shows on ESPN that I was on. You'll learn a bit about me, my GEAR UP! Program that inspired the Maverick Marketing VIP program.

Your brand is THE PROMISE OF AN EXPERIENCE. When your potential clients see you, your brand is what tells them what it would be like to work with you-before they say yes!

Done well, your brand will speak to your ideal audience and make you more memorable and relatable – it will build trust faster to get them to say YES!

And more importantly, cultivating your brand will result in more influence, higher paying clients and bigger opportunities.

Here’s the thing:

1. If you have never taken the time to build a brand intentionally, you DO have a brand. It just might not be what you want – or need. 

2. If women are your best clients, or if they are influencers in the teams you market to – ‘traditional, tactical approaches – especially if you are basing everything on ‘price’ will not work for them the way you need it to.  (And…changing your marketing to PINK is NOT the answer!) 

3. 70-88% of people are disconnected with themselves and their brand. You may be doing ‘all the things’ people have told you to do with building your business …yet ‘it’s still not working’. There’s a reason.  There’s a HUGE GAP in the training we’ve been receiving…and this program bridges that gap.   

(In fact most people doing marketing do not even know about this GAP.  But I do. And I built this program to fill that GAP so you can be more effective faster, longer.)

Listen in to hear feedback from a client and fellow marketing professional:

Enjoy 5 Benefits when you up-level with a Maverick Marketing Brand Game Plan:


  1. Respect and Recognition: Men in business desire the respect and recognition of their peers, customers, and the industry at large. A strong brand can lend credibility and visibility, signaling that they are serious players in their fields, which, in turn, earns them the respect and recognition they desire.

  2. Profitability and Growth: Men in business are often driven by the desire to increase profitability and facilitate business growth. A strong brand can differentiate their offerings in a crowded marketplace, allowing them to charge a premium for their services/products, and to expand their reach into new customer segments.

  3. Legacy: Many men in business aim to create something that outlasts them, something that makes a lasting impact. A strong brand can help in creating this legacy, turning their business into something enduring and influential that continues to hold value and relevancy.

  4. Customer Loyalty: Building a loyal customer base is a common desire that can often be elusive. A strong brand can foster customer loyalty by consistently delivering on its promises and building a deep emotional connection with its customers.

  5. Talent Attraction and Retention: Top talent is a driver of business success, and attracting and retaining such talent is a common goal. A strong brand can help not only in attracting customers but also in attracting and retaining the best talent. People want to work for businesses that are respected and recognized, where they feel they can grow and make a significant contribution. A strong brand can communicate this effectively, helping businesses to become employers of choice.


 Say YES -  Brand up!
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Round up and Harness the 4 cornerstones to Building Your Brand that Works.

Join us at Maverick Marketing. Harness the spirit of a maverick, defy convention, and pioneer a new path to success. You don’t need to follow the herd. The unbranded cattle, after all, belonged to Maverick. Your success, mavericks, belongs to you by leading the pack with a clearly defined brand that you lead and live.

Enroll in the Maverick Marketing Program Today. 

REAL RESULTS from men in trained by Debbra Sweet

Learn About the Innovator, Founder, Lead Trainer and  Trailblazer Leading Maverick Marketing for Men! 

Most people who want to get better — at hitting golf shots, negotiating with clients, delivering presentations or any other field of endeavor — seek out new information.

They read a book, take a class, hire an expert tutor who’s achieved the goals they seek.


Debbra Sweet is a New York Times Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Leadership Performance Expert & Lifetime Visionary Entrepreneur, she’s started, renovated, scaled, & sold businesses.

She’s catapulted ROI in: marketing, sales, leadership development, maximizing capacity & culture for improved revenue metrics for ‘Get It Done’ pros.

Innovative, authentic, tenacious, defying odds – she’s survived a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Undergoing massive rehab to literally ‘rewire’ where her brain functions from, she still ran businesses, raised family and lead clients to scale companies with peace of mind & ROI. 

L.I headers DS 2018 (4)
"Debbra, is awesome. When you work with her you see she has such a passion for what she does. She truly loves people. She gets a bigger thrill than you will when she helps you gain more business. Give her a try, you will be happy you did."
Tony Ambre
WFG National Title Company
"Debbra is a consummate professional. She is very passionate about"moving people" to achieve their full potential. Debbra is an expert. She a dynamic leader, speaker and authority in her industry."
Kathy David
IT Tech Pros
"I have worked with Debbra in her capacity as a Director for BNI, and she is extremely organized and an outstanding connector of people. Debbra is genuinely interested in people and looks for ways to help them personally and professionally. On several occasions she provided me with wonderful insight and advice on business issues. I also admire her ability to manage multiple tasks and commitments with ease!"
Kelly Nilsson CFP
Planning Officer at Superior Planning
Debbra is one of the hardest working, client-focused professionals I am privileged to call friend. She literally "grows" companies by completely immersing herself in the companies' culture of leadership, marketing, advertising, sales, & client acqusition programs - then - administers her "rocket fuel" to launch those companies into the stratosphere. I highly recommend Debbra to ANY company looking to grow & expand - she'll make it happen!
Michael T. Prestonise M.A.
Debbra is a very well organized motivational leader and speaker. Her role as a regional (networking) Director was very instrumental in assisting our local chapter in becoming one of the most strategically successful in San Diego County. Debbra's ability to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of an organization and work within the structure to motivate individuals toward a mutually defined set of goals is extraordinary."
Jeff Hans
Residential Real Estate Specialist
Debbra is an extraordinary individual. She is a passionate and motivated leader and truly enjoys what she does. Debbra is always encouraging ;eaders to strive for higher goals than those we normally set for ourselves, to not be afraid of going after that which is extraordinary."
Rosanne Gonzales
VP Merchant Services California Bank & Trust

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Estimated Time: 6 Weeks.

Difficulty: Easy

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The MAVERICK MARKETING! V.I.P. option delivers access to the full interactive MAVERICK MARKETING Program, live weekly calls during the active course module.

It also includes four private 30 minute 1:2:1 consulting sessions with Debbra Sweet.

This is perfect for the man who prefers higher level attention, spot coaching and feedback to navigate the nuances details of refining your MAVERICK BRAND plan.


per month for 3 total payments

The MAVERICK MARKETING! V.I.P. easy pay option delivers the full interactive MAVERICK MARKETING V.I.P.! Program, live weekly calls during the active course module.

Perfect for the man who prefers higher level attention, some extra input and feedback to navigate the finer nuances of building your MAVERICK BRAND plan.

The 3 month pay subscription option offers you easy entry and cash flow management during the program.

Cornerstone 1: Visual.  Discover how to Brand Mark Your Territory to be Seen 

Cornerstone 2: Verbal.  Declare How You Want To Be Heard.

Cornerstone 3: Values. Define Who Your Ideal Client Should Be & Flush out Fraudulent Money Stories. 

Cornerstone 4: Vision.  Develop Your Maverick Brand Plan