RISE² REVENUE Men’s Business Development Leadership 12 Mo Program

Module 1: Maverick Branding! Roundup, Refine, Define your Brand Assets to protect & provide. Visually, verbally show up to meet your dream clients consistently.

Module 2: GEAR UP! Develop and write your 12 month business growth plan with confidence.

Module 3: REVAMP! & Jump Start! Learn what effective marketing is. Develop and implment low and no cost marketing while you learn. Write your 90 day practical marketing plan..Launch it like a pro.

Module 4: SELL SMARTER. I want to give you an unfair advantage. Yes. It’s legal. Yes. It’s ethical. Yes. It’s simple. Gain the core skills to have a conversation that converts into YES’s for YOUR business.

Module 5: Leverage Your Circle of 10. Networking. Referrals. These should be the backbone of every business. Yet most people struggle with generating referrals consistently. In this module you will learn a strategy that works anytime, anyplace anywhere to generate referrals. Gain confidence in this skill.

BONUS: Money Matters. Yes. You’ll gain access to the money matters module. To grow your business, you NEED money confidence. This module moves you to remove money fears, money stories.

WEEKLY: Wednesday Midmorning LIVE RISE² REVENUE Round Table. Align with other dynamic, get it done men rising up to increase dream clients and revenue. We go deeper into money matters, moving you through your growth as a business leader.

VIP Level also includes: Private 1:2:1 Goal Achievement where you dive deeper into learning, strengthening your CORE 4 Skills.

VIP BONUS #1: VIP MONEY CONFIDENCE Immersive Day. Yes. You’ve been holding money fears for a long time. You might be aware of some of them. But there are others that lurk in the shadows that are ready to be cleaned up, cleared out so YOU can THRIVE in your next level of business growth. This VIP time guides you through a process that clears the C.R.A.P.P. (Constricting Reasons Affecting Perspective & Performance). Then we build up your confidence with NEW money beliefs that allows money to flow to you consistenly, confidently.

VIP BONUS #2: H.E.A.R.T. Intensive VIP Day. Trauma. Baggage. That ‘stuff’ from our past that gets in the way today. Yes, I understand. Been there. Done that. Lived through 100’s of trauma events and have overcome PTSD and a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. I get it. There’s not much you can share with me that I’ve not lived through and have triumphed over.

Now…it’s YOUR turn to triumph!

Why will clearning past trauma wounds help you scale your business? Because YOU need to show up WHOLE, HEALED, and Confident for yourself, your clients, your staff. This H.E.A.R.T. VIP is set up to support you in a safe, nonjudemental space where we remove the tentacles of trauma that have had their grip long enough on your journey to success.

Time for you to come out of the trauma tunnel and THRIVE! I’ve been there. I stand on the other side. Ready to support you, guide you through some powerful, fast, effective trauma clearning steps. I’ve been there and have used these very techniques to heal myself. And, I’m a Certified CISD faciliatator. (Critical Insident Stress Debriefer… a technique used to support first responders from developing PTSD from constant exposure to trauma.) It works for them. It worked for me. It will work for you when you are ready. 

STEP UP with in your leadership, business skills and knowlege in these key areas your company needs. The flow of these modulues over 12 months is designed to let you grow through one subject area at a time for ease and confidence. Each step of the way you will receive the support you need and want to take action to RISE² REVENUE.

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