RISE UP your leadership skills!

This is YOUR Time to Rejuvenate. Inspire. Succeed. Express… all through effective leadership in your life and business.

When you know you’re READY to launch to your next level, but you want specific guidance from a 30 year, NTY Best Selling, Award Winning strategic business growth, branding and leadership expert, this 12 month, immersive, hands on Leadership Forum& Inner Circle membership is for you!

Say YES! to stepping away from overwhelm and disconnect to owning your leadership skills. Confidently level up with smart strategy to lead your team in effective ways that allow you to Be Seen. Be Heard. Make The Impact & Income You Deserve & Desire!


 🍁 Access to the 2 Day Deep DIVE Prosperity Planning Strategy Summit that creates your qualitative game plan for the year.

 🍁 Access to the weekly LIVE Monthly Leadership Forum group calls. Increase your community, network, knowledge and accountability to the vision in your prosperity plan each week. These are the 2nd Thursday of each month from 10 am – 11:30 am PST.

 🍁Inclusion in the private Women Leaders Who Rock! Face book community. This group provides you with extra support, encouragement, access to pop up trainings and a place to safely practice being seen, being heard while you refine, build, launch your new leadership business growth strategies.

🍁 Includes: Monthly group Laser Q & A Intensives , Get It Done Implementation days, Money Confidence Calls, during the 12 month program. These are focused around your Prosperity Plan.

🍁 Includes: 1:2:1 RISE™ Private Strategy calls each month to help you implement your new leadership brand and Prosperity Plan. RISE with excellence as you lead your business to next level growth! On brand, on plan.

Additional Benefits:

Gain skills to lead your business with a personal brand that creates impact
🌻 Gain skills to lead your business with strategies that creates impact and increases income.
🌻 Clear your disconnect, between how you think you SHOULD show up and how you WANT to show up in the world.
🌻 Get tips and tricks for being comfortable & confident in front of the camera
🌻 Learn specific tools for rejuvenating your leadership confidence so you can thrive
🌻 Get clarity on the importance of leadership language to align your team and ideal clients
🌻 Uncover saboteurs that have been holding you back from making the money you desire
🌻 Connect with a like minded community of heart centered, get it done, resilient women who ready to grow and support you along the way

If what you are doing for your leading your company is the same ol’ same ol, and it’s still not working…then maybe it’s time to make the commitment to enroll.

See… Building and leading a thriving business takes strategy.

And if you don’t have the framework to make your business truly shine- resonate- so you can be seen, be heard, make the impact and income you deserve and desire… how to you expect to grow (or sustain what you have) – without overwork and overwhelm?

It’s Time. YOUR time. RISE™! Be Seen. Be Heard. Make the Impact & Income YOU Deserve & Desire.

✅ Ready to Release the conflict in your business around making money?

✅ Ready to stop hiding & feeling secondary in what you do?

✅ Ready to let go of: over giving, over-serving, feeling defeated, depleted?

✅ What keeps you awake at night?… It’s time to ditch the disconnect.

✅ Been told you dream too big? Want too much?

You’ll be in the right room where we welcome dream doers! It’s your time to shine. It’s your time to heal. To find you. Love you.

Say YES! to YOU! RISE™ WOMEN! Create the LEADERSHIP SKILLS and STRATEGY with Accountability you need to THRIVE.

Let go of holding yourself back…

You don’t need another marketing tool…

You don’t need a big list…

You just need to say YES to YOU! Enroll and learn the strategy on how to create leadership legacy and resonance that generates big impact and income that’s real and right for YOU!

Whether you are creating your first 100K year, stepping up along the way into your 7 figure pay day, this immersive, interactive year long membership is designed to help you Rejuvenate, Inspire, Succeed, Express.

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BONUS: Monthly Money Matters Group Training Calls: Yes. You’ll gain access to the money matters module. To grow your business, you NEED money confidence. These trainings move you to remove money fears, money stories. Align with other dynamic, get it done women rising up to increase dream clients and revenue. We go deeper into money matters, moving you through your growth as a business leader.

VIP Level also includes: Private 1:2:1’s focus on Goal Achievement where you dive deeper into learning, strengthening your CORE™ 4 Skills.

VIP BONUS #1: VIP MONEY CONFIDENCE Session. Yes. You’ve been holding money fears for a long time. You might be aware of some of them. But there are others that lurk in the shadows that are ready to be cleaned up, cleared out so YOU can THRIVE in your next level of business growth. This VIP time guides you through a process that clears the C.R.A.P.P. (Constricting Reasons Affecting Perspective & Performance). Then we build up your confidence with NEW money beliefs that allows money to flow to you consistently, confidently.

VIP BONUS #2: H.E.A.R.T. VIP Session. Trauma. Baggage. That ‘stuff’ from our past that gets in the way today. Yes, I understand. Been there. Done that. Lived through 100’s of trauma events and have overcome PTSD and a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. I get it. There’s not much you can share with me that I’ve not lived through and have triumphed over.

Now…it’s YOUR turn to triumph!

Why will clearing past trauma wounds help you scale your business? Because YOU need to show up WHOLE, HEALED, and Confident for yourself, your clients, your staff. This H.E.A.R.T. VIP is set up to support you in a safe, nonjudgmental space where we remove the tentacles of trauma that have had their grip long enough on your journey to success.

Time for you to come out of the trauma tunnel and THRIVE! I’ve been there. I stand on the other side. Ready to support you, guide you through some powerful, fast, effective trauma clearing steps. I’ve been there and have used these very techniques to heal myself. And, I’m a Certified CISD facilitator. (Critical Incident Stress Debriefer… a technique used to support first responders from developing PTSD from constant exposure to trauma.) It works for them. It worked for me. It will work for you when you are ready. 

RISE™ in your leadership, business skills and knowledge in these key areas your company needs. The flow of these forum sessions over 12 months is designed to let you grow through one subject area at a time for ease and confidence. Each step of the way you will receive the support you need and want to take action to RISE™.