The “Sell Smarter Now” foundational training program is designed for sales professionals and entrepreneurs who are directly responsible for sales outcomes. 

This dynamic program equips participants with the essential strategies and skills needed to enhance their sales techniques and boost their confidence in sales scenarios. Participants will learn how to effectively engage with clients, understand their needs, and close deals more efficiently, all while building lasting relationships. This training is ideal for those looking to refine their sales approach and increase their success rates in a competitive market.

Discover Sales Mastery from a Debbra Sweet, a  NYT Bestselling Author. Are you ready to transform your sales approach and achieve unprecedented success? Dive into the proven strategies of a New York Times Bestselling author featured in “Masters of Sales.” ‘Debbra’s chapter, “Mastering the Mindset,” is not just about techniques; it’s about revolutionizing how you think about sales.

Why This Training? Every sales professional seeks the edge that sets them apart—the strategies that not only improve techniques but reshape their entire sales philosophy. “Mastering the Mindset” provides just that. From the fundamental principles to innovative tactics, this training encapsulates decades of sales expertise, distilled into actionable insights.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Empowered Sales Techniques: Learn from a master who has not only excelled in the field but has also taught countless professionals how to soar to new heights.
  • Strategic Mindset Shifts: Transform your approach with mindset strategies that turn potential clients into loyal customers.
  • Consistent Results: Apply principles that guarantee not just temporary spikes in your sales graphs but sustained growth and success.

Join Us:  opportunity to harness the power of sales mastery from a business authority that has guided thousands. Whether you’re new to the field or looking to refine your skills, this training is your gateway to becoming a sales leader.

Enroll Now and Start Your Journey to Sales Excellence! Ready to change the game? Click here to enroll and take the first step towards mastering your sales destiny with insights from a bestselling sales master.

You’ve seen other people’s “Rags to Riches” stories. Have you ever wondered “How did they do it”, wondering what they did so you could do the same?

If you had the chance to ask them all the questions you wanted… would you know what questions to ask?

I do. I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve walked the walk. And I’ve helped thousands of other businesses build their brand, learn how to scale, set up an infrastructure that allows them to grow, have consistent sales, and create a solid exit strategy.

Now I share with you the things others won’t tell you about how to build a successful business. 

  • There’s 5 Key things every new business owner needs to know. If business was so easy, no one would go bankrupt. 
  • The REV UP Program brings to you these key insights that will answers to the questions you might not think to ask.

The right time to LEARN these principles is NOW. BEFORE you invest all your money on things that may not allow your vision to become reality.

See, I’ve also been inside MORE businesses that are upside down instead of rightside up. They are penny pinchning instead of profitable. They had a great idea, passion… but no one was in their corner giving them solid, first hand, been there, done that advice on what to do, and what not to do.

I developed REV UP to help you launch your business on a better track, to give you insights to help you make wise decisions your first couple years to keep your doors open and make money along the way.

The REV UP Program delivers 5 key insights that will  get you on a path to keeping your doors open and profitable!

  • This program is just for start up businesses under 1 year old, and 100k of revenue or less.
  • REV UP reveals practical, low cost, effective things you can do now towards building a business that supports you for years.
  • REV UP gets you into the right gear to stay in the race and step up to the next level of entrepreneurship successfully.  

 You’ll also learn very important answers to questions you might not ever think to ask!  

These questions can save you thousands of dollars and your valuable time.

Who this is for:

Entreprenuer’s who are just starting out their very first company!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 weeks.

Difficulty: Beginner

What You’re Gonna Get…

  • This 5 ModuleBusiness Start Up program was developed by “Trailblazing Entrepreneur” Debbra Sweet. She’s the founder of Thrive Right Consulting & Sweet Marketing Solutions, a best selling author in the “Masters of Sales” and “Power of Leadership” books.

    Many people teach ‘what’ to do. Debbra trains with the ‘what, how, why, when, to whom- and what to do next!’ This empowers you to be a better and more profitable business owner!

    • Module 1: What’s your Vision: Where are you Headed, Did you start a business or a job, Expanding your Foundation and the Exit
    • Module 2:  The Impact of Being Underfunded and How to Create Cashflow Quick
    • Module 3: Is there a Market?  How do you know? Who is YOUR Market? Know how to make wise decisions on where and when to invest money into marketing and your business.
    • Module 4: Know Your Network, Networth and Your Brand Assets. 
    • Module 5: Effective Marketing and Sales- what you need to know if you are an intovert, and extrovert and how it helps you make bank.
    • When you enroll you get access to the online learning portal to guide you with knowledge on launching your business. You will also get access to a private, live, group training each Tuesday at 10-11 am PST during your 5 week program. V.I.P. support is avaible too. 

Benefits of the REV UP! 5 Week Business Start Up Program

  • Enroll today and you will be able to learn one lesson a week with deep info that is easy to learn, apply and do. 
  • Protect your self from deceptive & sneaky practices other businesses use to steal your business-literally!
  • Know how to make wise decisions on where and when to invest money into marketing and your business.
  • Get clarity on the things you should focus on first to help you get clients, make some money.
  • Get clarity on things to avoid.
  • Be part of a supportive community to champion, cheer you on. Hold your hand when needed. Keep you accountable.  

How do we guarantee your satisfaction since every business and every entrepreneur’s situation is unique?  It starts by you showing up each week, and then participating in the training segments, doing the follow up Action Steps-and staying in communication with us along the way. When you engage and stay involved, we can support you to get you through the ‘tough spots’ that might show up for you.  If you enroll and pay for the full program, but do not participate live each week, you will still receive all the follow up training calls and Action Sheets.  If you prefer to “Do it on your own” you’ll have the tools to help you be the DIY business.   The follow up weekly 1:2:1 support is available to you during the active training V.I.P. module, but once the module is over, access to 1:2:1 support (without an additional coaching/consulting fee) goes away.  The live support we provide each week makes it easy for you to succeed.  Once the 6 week module is closed, TRC offers ongoing 1:2:1 support and skill set training  classes to help you increase your ROI and profitability.

The live weekly calls during the program allow for your individual needs to be supported – while you benefit from a mastermind style training, group sharing and accountability to keep you focused and on track for more success.

Note: The PayPal Receipt will show up as TRC : Thrive Right Consulting. When you choose your registration option, you can use your PayPal Account. If you do not have one, there is the option to use your credit card for normal billing on the PayPal check out page. Contact us if you have questions.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 weeks.

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Debbra Sweet Debbra Sweet Author

Debbra Sweet is the founder of Thrive Right Consulting, and the creator of the TRC Online Programs. She has been teaching, training, coaching and consulting business leaders and visionary entrepreneurs for decades. Her passion to help shorten your learning curve with proven, been there, done that knowledge is easy to understand and apply right away.

REV UP! 101


The REV UP! 101 delivers access to the full interactive REV UP! Program, live weekly calls during the active course module.

Perfect for the Self Learner that enjoys working at your own pace with the weekly live bonus instruction, feedback & group Q & A about the lesson plans in the program.

This one time payment option offers a savings to you. 



The REV UP! V.I.P. option delivers access to the full interactive REV UP! Program, live weekly calls during the active course module.

It also includes a 30 minute private 1:2:1 Increase Clients & Income Strategy Session with Debbra Sweet.

This is perfect for the business owner who prefers higher level attention to navigate the finer details of the development of your business launch. 

REV UP! Module 1:  What’s your Vision?

REV UP! Module 2: The Impact of Being Underfunded and How to Create Cashflow Quick

REV UP! Module 3:  Is there a Market? 

REV UP! Module 4: Know Your Network, Networth and Your Brand Assets. 

REV UP! Module 5:  Effective Marketing and Sales- What You Need to Know